The best football drills to work on your vision with the Voon Football Pro rebounders.


Improving vision in football is not something simple, coaches try to find tools to improve this skill but it is not easy.

In this article, we will show you some of the best exercises to improve this key aspect of the game, as well as improving other relevant characteristics for any football player.

Voon drill: Dribble & heads up

In this exercise you work the vision of the game in two actions, with two rebounders in two different areas. In the first area you arrive dribbling the ball and quickly making a pass to the rebounder that lights up on the sides, you receive the rebound, you control it and pass as quickly as possible to the lighted rebounder.


Voon drill: Bring it down & turn

Exercise to find the free teammate as quickly as possible, the player who performs the action must have his back to the two rebounders who are lighted up, throws the ball to another rebounder in front of him, then checks the ball again and has to get to see the lighted rebounder before the ball reaches his feet


Voon drill: Awareness dribbling

This exercise is performed with four rebounders in four corners forming a rectangle, the player will be in the centre of the rectangle zig-zagging between cones and will have to watch for any of the rebounders to light up. When that happens, the player will pass the ball there.


Voon drill: Centre back passing

In modern football it is becoming more and more important to get the ball out from the defensive line and the vision of play of the centre backs. With this exercise, you can work on this perfectly, you need five rebounders. the centre back starts in his position simulating a pass from a teammate to him with a rebounder, then he will control the ball and dribble it until one of the three rebounders in front of him turns on and makes the pass as quickly as possible..


Voon drill: 360º vision - 3 colours

In this exercise the player will have to follow a sequence of colours, a circle will be made with six rebounders, the player will be placed in the centre and will have to see the rebounder that lights as fast as possible and make the pas. It is important that the player is constantly making the passes to the rebounder of the colour that the sequence requires as fast as possible.

With these exercises, apart from working on pheripheral vision, other aspects of the game are also worked on such as: passing accuracy, control, ball handling, concentration and anticipation.


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