Voon Padel Smart Rebounder - Pack of 2
Voon Padel Smart Rebounder - Pack of 2
Voon Padel Smart Rebounder - Pack of 2
Voon Padel Smart Rebounder - Pack of 2
Voon Padel Smart Rebounder - Pack of 2
Voon Padel Smart Rebounder - Pack of 2

Voon Padel Smart Rebounder - Pack of 2

Elevate your padel game with our Voon Padel Smart Rebounder pack of 2, featuring two revolutionary technological rebounders that also work as precision target boards. Unleash your potential individually or with a partner, improving both technique and accuracy. These rebounders collect valuable training data while bringing an element of fun through gamification. Step onto the court with the future of padel training.

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Easy to set up
Lightweight and portable
5 inclination angles
Powerful rebound
Durable design



Place your Smart Rebounder in position, take the legs out and slide them in.

2. Plug the dot

Insert and turn the Dot so it stays perfectly attached to the rebounder.

3. go on the app

Launch the Voon Sports app and choose your favourite drills to start training.


As this is a new product, in the first instance, those who want a set will have to reserve it through a deposit with which they will be able to secure their set for the next deliveries, expected in early 2024. This will be the case only for a short period of time due to the nature of the process of launching a new product line.

The rebounder has a weight of 10 kgs and a size of 75 x 75 x 7 cm when folded. When unfolded and ready to play, its size is of 75 x 75 x 55 cm. This makes it a product easy to carry anywhere you go. You should be able to fit it in almost any vehicle and take it with you wherever you go to train.

Of course! Its versatility allows you to do drills of different difficulty levels depending on the player's age or overall level. From basic drills where you learn the basics of the sport to more challenging drills, you will find it to be suitable for any and all skill levels.

The Dot’s battery lasts approximately 10 hours in normal usage conditions. As with any mobile device, you should make sure to charge them before using them to make sure you have them ready to go and fully charged before any session so you can get the most out of them. If a Dot’s battery died, you would still be able to use the rest, you will just need to select drills where you need to use the amount of Dots you have available.

The Dots require approximately two hours for a full recharge. You can use a mobile device as a reference when it comes to battery duration and charging times of each Dot.

You can connect up to 20 Dots simultaneously, which means that, for example, if you select an exercise where you need 4 Dots, you can add up to five groups, with a total of 20 Dots participating at the same time. The quantity of Dots indicated in each drill represents the amount of Dots necessary in each group, so you can form as many groups as Dots you have available of such quantities.