Voon Sports continues to move forward with Real Sociedad, a first class partner.


Voon Sports, the individual technique training technology company, continues to advance its partnership agreement with Real Sociedad, one of the most emblematic clubs in Spanish football. Since initiating the partnership in 2019, Voon Sports has worked closely with Real Sociedad to validate its products and test different technologies. With this partnership, Real Sociedad continues to be one of Voon Sports' strategic partners and will continue to use its technological rebounders in youth training.

Real Sociedad is known for being a benchmark in the training of young footballers in Spain, thanks to its work at Zubieta, which is reflected in the players that make up the first team. Since it began its collaboration with Voon Sports, Real Sociedad has used the company's technology to improve the performance of its players and to optimise and analyse its training sessions. Working together with one of the best youth academies in the world and analysing the performance of the product in that scenario is key for the Donostia-based company. In this way, Voon Sports can offer the best possible product to its customers, with Real Sociedad being an ideal club to work with in order to further strengthen its value proposition.

In addition, Voon Sports and Real Sociedad will carry out a study in the coming months to quantify the technical improvement of their players. To do so, they are going to work with different players from the youth academy in training stages, from 12 to 16 years of age. The objective is to analyse the impact of technological tools on the improvement of their technical skills.

In this way, Voon Sports positions itself as one of the leading companies in the sports technology market in Spain. The collaboration with Real Sociedad has been fundamental for the growth of the company since its beginnings, and in the future, both parties will continue to work hand in hand to achieve new goals and continue to improve the performance of football players.