Voon Sports already works with more than 30 clubs and academies.


Since its founding in 2015, Voon Sports has seen its collaborations and agreements with clubs steadily increase over time. In the nine years since the inception of the Voon Football Pro smart rebounders, more and more football clubs and academies have sought to integrate them into their training routines.

Currently, Voon Sports boasts partnerships with over 30 clubs and academies, with agreements either finalized or in the works. In this article, we will discuss some of these clubs and academies:


FC Barcelona

One of the clubs with the longest history of collaboration with Voon Sports is FC Barcelona. With an illustrious trophy cabinet, the club has won nearly every conceivable football title. They hold the record for the most Copa del Rey titles in Spanish football history, with a total of 31. Additionally, Barcelona is a trailblazer in women's football, boasting one of the world's best squads, perennial contenders for the UEFA Women's Champions League, and dominant forces in the Spanish Primera División Femenina.

Barcelona is known for its distinct playing style characterized by precise and fast passing. From a young age, players in the academy are taught this style. With the Voon Football Pro smart rebounders, working on key aspects for this style of play becomes simpler. Precise passing, good ball control, or dribbling can be effectively trained with these rebounders.

Real Sociedad

Another prominent Spanish club that has collaborated with Voon Sports from the outset is Real Sociedad. Not only has the club been an early adopter of smart rebounders, but it has also contributed to their product development.

Real Sociedad is another benchmark club in both men's and women's football, and its playing style bears similarities to FC Barcelona's. Hence, the smart rebounders have proved invaluable in training younger players in this style.

Leeds United

Leeds United is one of the historic clubs of English and European football. With a storied history, the club has achieved significant milestones, including winning FA Cups, English leagues, and finishing as runners-up in the European Cup in 1975. Despite their current struggles, Leeds United boasts players with promising futures, such as Archie Gray, who is destined for greater heights in the game.

Celta de Vigo

Another classic Spanish club, Celta de Vigo, celebrated its centenary on August 23rd. The club has spent many seasons in La Liga and has had memorable runs both domestically and in Europe, including a memorable Champions League campaign in 03/04. The club continues to produce talented players from its academy, such as Gabri Veiga and Carlos Dominguez.

River Plate

River Plate, along with Boca Juniors, is one of the giants of Argentine football. Throughout its history, the club has nurtured top talent, including Enzo Francescoli, Javier Mascherano, and Radamel Falcao. With 38 Argentine league titles and 4 Copa Libertadores titles to their name, River Plate is renowned for its youth development. Presently, Franco Mastantuono is poised to make his mark, with the Voon Football Pro rebounders aiding in the development of future stars.

RCD Espanyol

One of Spain's prominent clubs, RCD Espanyol, recently partnered with Voon Sports. Despite recent challenges, Espanyol has a rich history, winning 4 Copa del Rey titles over its 123-year history and maintaining a presence in La Liga.

While Espanyol may be going through a tough period, they have a tradition of nurturing talent from their academy. It won't be long before these young players restore the club to its former glory.

Real Unión de Irún

Real Unión de Irún was one of the ten founding clubs of Spanish football's inaugural championship. The club, now under the leadership of Aston Villa manager Unai Emery, boasts 4 Copa del Rey titles. Although currently playing in the Primera División RFEF, Real Unión aims to return to professional football with Emery's backing.

Rayo Majadahonda

Rayo Majadahonda, a Madrid-based club founded in 1976, has been vying for promotion to Spain's second division in recent years. Despite their brief stints in the Segunda División, the club has produced notable talents like the Hernandez brothers and Marcos Llorente.

U.D. Alzira

U.D. Alzira, a Valencian club currently competing in the Segunda División RFEF, has a rich history spanning 78 years. While predominantly a fixture in Spain's third and fourth tiers, Alzira once enjoyed a season in the Segunda División. With ambitions to return to professional football, Alzira utilizes Voon Football Pro smart rebounders to elevate their training sessions.

C.D. Behobia

C.D. Behobia is the only club in Voon Sports' portfolio that has never competed in the professional leagues. However, the Gipuzkoan club aspires to enhance its training methods to attract young talents keen on improving their skills and aspiring to professional careers.

Clubs like Behobia are increasingly interested in Voon Football Pro rebounders to maximize their players' development.



PSG Academy Pennsylvania

Paris Saint-Germain operates an academy for young footballers in the United States, offering professional training to children aged 3 to 12. With UEFA-licensed coaches and the inclusion of Voon Football Pro smart rebounders, these coaches can efficiently train their young players.

PA Team Academy

PA Team Academy aims to turn young players' dreams into reality by seeking innovative training methods. Through their partnership with Voon Sports, they integrate cutting-edge technology into their training sessions.

Talentia Football Academy

Talentia Football Academy caters to players of all ages, specializing in personalized training and football-based education. Based in Navarre, this academy aims to enhance personalized training sessions with Voon Football Pro smart rebounders.

Morer Football Academy

Morer Academy aims to become a premier training academy, working with clubs and players personally. With user-friendly platforms like Voon Football Pro smart rebounders, Morer focuses on collaborating with clubs to nurture talent.

Top-Tec Academy

Top-Tec Academy specializes in technical training for players of all ages. Their goal is individual improvement across technical-tactical aspects, motor skills, physical conditioning, and cognitive development, tailored to each player's age and learning stage.

Skillers Soccer Academy

Skillers Soccer Academy aims to instil the joy of playing football through dynamic and exciting training sessions. Offering various camps and private and group training sessions, the academy is staffed by experienced coaches dedicated to player improvement.

FA Football Academy

FA Football Academy offers individual training to players of all ages and skill levels. With over 700 players trained and developed, the academy utilizes various training methods, from camps to team training sessions.

International Development Academy

The International Development Academy provides unique experiences for aspiring youth footballers, offering support both on and off the field. With locations in Valencia (Spain), Rome (Italy), Reading (UK), and Daytona (USA), the academy aids in academic and athletic development. Notable players who have passed through the academy include Jeremy de León, now with Real Madrid's youth team.


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