“Voon Football Pro should exist in every football academy”.


The Voon Football Pro smart rebounder is already being used by over 50 clubs and academies. Rebounders are now a widely used tool in training and are helping to make the improvement of future footballers, both amateur and professional, more efficient.

For coaches, having this tool is helping them to innovate in their training sessions. They are able to work on aspects of the game that they were not able to before or found difficult to integrate into training sessions.

Dani Parra, the physical trainer of RCD Espanyol's first team and responsible for the club's conditioning area, shared his impressions about Voon Football Pro: "Being able to start working with just one click gives us a lot of agility and allows us to work with different players at the same time or with one player doing different exercises." For Dani, who works with both elite players and developing footballers, the rebounders have allowed them to work differently than they were used to and have been a step forward.


"My dream is to become a professional footballer," said Ernesto Vides, a player from the Nastic Sports Academy, after a session. In this academy, they have been working with Voon Sports' smart rebounders for some time, and Ernesto gives his perspective on them. "I think I have improved a lot in the technical aspect. I love them. I saw them for the first time on Instagram, but here is the first time I have used them in person, and I really enjoyed it." "I think the biggest advancement with this new tool is in developing 360-degree vision."

One of the coaches from PA Team, Javier Simón, also shared how they use smart rebounders in their training sessions. "We use this tool in both individual and small group training sessions to improve decision-making, reaction speed, or the speed of executing technical moves." Smart rebounders are not something they use occasionally, but "we use them weekly to work on finishing, player turns, or changes in play."

Pol Silvestre is the Coordinator of the Top Tec Academy in Sabadell and shares some of his impressions about the rebounders. They have been collaborating with Voon Sports for some time and are already drawing their own conclusions about the use of this tool. "When you have a player doing a task with technological rebounders for a month or two, and you see the improvement from the first day to the last, you realize that the work being done is good. Additionally, with this tool, we have objective measurement. What we achieve with the rebounders is to generate decision-making actions from the players, trying to simulate a match." Pol works a lot on individual training and has managed to improve many footballers from the best academies in Catalonia.

"It's an element that should exist in every academy," said Igor Rodríguez, UEFA Pro coach, who works at Talentia Academy. In addition to this, Igor highlights the advantages that the Voon Football Pro smart rebounders are generating for them, "it's wonderful to work with base players, to work on first touch, peripheral vision, and communication." "Moreover, it's very convenient, everything is saved in the app, and we can see what we are improving and what is more difficult for the players, and they are very easy to transport and set up to start training." Igor uses the rebounders three times a week, both in groups and individually with players of all ages.

Igor Rodriguez

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