The role of coaches in improving technique in football


The role of coaches in the development of technical skills in football is fundamental. Coaches play a key role in the development of players' technical skills. Here are some ways in which coaches influence the development of technique in football:

Teaching technical fundamentals: coaches teach players the technical fundamentals of football, such as ball control, dribbling, passing and shooting. They provide a solid foundation for players to develop their skills.

Correction and feedback: Coaches observe player performance and provide constant feedback to help correct errors and improve technique. This includes advice on posture, shooting angle, passing accuracy and more.

Specific training: Coaches design specific drills and exercises to improve players' technique. These drills focus on particular technical aspects and help players hone their skills.


Individual skill development: Coaches work with players on an individual basis to develop their technical skills. This may include one-to-one coaching sessions to improve specific areas of a player's technique.


Tactical preparation: Coaches also play a role in the strategy and tactics of the game. Through tactical preparation, they can influence how players apply their technical skills in real game situations.

In short, coaches play an essential role in the improvement of technique in football by teaching, correcting, designing specific training and developing players' individual skills, which contributes to the success of the team on the field.

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