Voon Sports, the leader in innovation of technological solutions for the development of the athlete's technique, has just launched its latest innovative product, the Voon Football Pro Smart Rebounder. This product launch marks a significant milestone in the football industry and promises to change the restricted access that modest clubs and academies have had to technological solutions in the beautiful game.

The Voon Football Pro Smart Rebounder has been developed after years of data and information collection, identifying market needs and receiving customer feedback. Its cutting-edge technology guarantees an exponential improvement in the overall individual technique of the player. This product combines a cutting-edge technological device called the “Dot” with the robustness of the structure of the rebounder which provides a powerful rebound that offers customers a unique and effective experience of developing footballers.

These are the  some of the key benefits for players and coaches using the Voon Football Pro Smart Rebounder:

FASTER REACTION SPEED: Through cognitive activation, our smart rebounders will improve players' reaction speed times when performing any exercise.

FASTER EXECUTION SPEED: The more repetitions, the better the ball handling and the faster the execution of any action. And from now on, thanks to our technology that collects all the data of the exercise, it will be possible to analyse it in detail.

HIGHER LEVEL OF ACCURACY: Increase the importance of the quality of the pass, which will make the player become more accurate as he becomes faster.


At Voon Sports, we are committed to excellence and customer satisfaction, and the Voon Football Pro Smart Rebounder is no exception. We are confident that this technological rebounder will raise the industry standards and will benefit clubs, coaches and, most importantly, players.

The Voon Football Pro is available on our website ( The 2023 stock is sold out, but product reservations are open for early 2024. Those who reserve now will have the opportunity to experience the Voon Football Pro and all its advantages soon. 

About Voon Sports

Voon Sports was founded in 2015 and specialises in manufacturing smart rebounders for the development of the athlete's technical ability. Investors behind the company include former footballers Xabi Prieto, Aritz Aduriz, Imanol Agirretxe and Iñigo Díaz de Cerio. For more information: - Gurutzegi Kalea, Nº12, office Nº5, 20018 Donostia-San Sebastián, Gipuzkoa, Spain.