The Voon Football Pro smart rebounders are a new generation of football training rebounders that allow coaches to work on very relevant aspects of the game for the improvement of the players.

In this article we will show you some of the most important advantages that a coach can get when using Voon Football Pro football rebounders.

Voon Football Smart rebounder
  • Ability to perform more personalised drills for each player
  • Thanks to the rebounders, coaches can focus on improving individual technical aspects of each player, they can prepare much more personalised training sessions for each of their players so that they can improve in those aspects that the coach considers to be weaknesses to be worked on.

    The exercises offered by the Voon Sport App ( are mostly focused on individual improvement and others on group work. It is an app that allows coaches to have a wide variety of exercises, saved to focus on the individual and team improvement of each of their players. Whenever they want to be able to carry out training sessions designed for each player, depending on the position they play. 

  • You can train with a reduced number of players
  • Rebounders make the coach's work much easier, when there are not many players in a training session and you want to train with more players than you have, rebounders can help a lot.

    A smart rebounder can simulate a player making a pass and at the end with a low number of players you can do the exercises you want to do without the need to have all the players in the team. Also, while working on the aspects that the coach wants to work on. You can also work in groups in the same training session, assigning each group a specific task.

     Voon Football Pro - Smart rebounders

  • You will have innovative material for training sessions
  • Nowadays there are already many elite clubs that can count on smart rebounders for their training sessions and with Voon Football Pro it will be within the reach of any club or academy. This is advantageous for the coach who can use them to innovate in his exercises and to propose more modern and dynamic exercises.

    As for the club, having the best technology for their training sessions will be fundamental to bet on evolution and attract both good players and coaches by leading the change, this also helps the coach because the more and better players go to his team, he will be able to create a better ecosystem.

  • Voon Football Pro: A smart rebounder easy to use
  • One of the advantages of the smart football rebounders is that they are very easy to use, for practically any exercise that the trainer can think of, he can use a rebounding machine. 

    In addition, thanks to the visualisation of the videos of the application, the players understand perfectly and quickly how to execute the exercises that the coach proposes, without the need to waste a lot of time in the explanations. This allows the coach to train at a much faster pace and without the need for the players to stand still for long periods of time without training.

  • Smart rebounders allow you to enjoy a new variety of exercises.
  • The Voon Football Pro Rebounders app allows coaches to generate a new variety of drills that allow them to innovate in their training and work on aspects they have not tried before. 

    There are phases of the game that are not easy to train with basic training material, but with the intelligent rebounders it is possible to carry out exercises to work on these more complicated aspects such as: 360º vision, spatial perception of the field or concentration during games.

    Moreover, with the Voon Sports App, coaches will be able to save the exercises they use most often so that they can access them more quickly and start training in less than 10 seconds.

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