How to Get Started with Voon Football Pro in 3 Steps.


The Voon Football Pro is a product commonly used by clubs in their training sessions. Its usage and operation are straightforward, allowing clubs to work on different technical skills that were previously challenging to address.

In this article, we'll show you how to get the Voon Football Pro up and running in 3 simple steps. This way, you won't waste time figuring out how to use it instead of focusing on training.

Step 1: Prepare the RebounderVoon Football proTo start using the rebounder, the first thing to do is to set it up correctly on the field. You'll need to attach the legs that come with it to the rear of the rebounder. Position them correctly to ensure the rebounder is stable and doesn't move during drills.

Additionally, you'll need to place the Dot correctly. To do this, insert the Dot into its slot at the rear of the rebounder. Once in place, rotate the dot until it's securely fitted into the rebounder.

Step 2: Connect with the DotVoon Football ProOnce the rebounder is set up with the legs attached and the dot properly positioned, the next step is to connect to the Dot. To do this, open the Voon Sports App and search for the Dot(s) you'll be using. Make sure the Bluetooth on your smartphone, which will be used in training, is enabled. The app will then display nearby dots available for connection. Select the Dots you'll be using and connect to them.

To confirm connection, observe the light signals emitted by the Dot. When connected to a device, the dot will blink once in white, indicating that it's successfully connected, and you can now start using the rebounder for your chosen drill.

Step 3: Select the Drill and Start TrainingVoon Football ProWith everything set up correctly and the Dots connected, all that's left is to select the drill you want to perform. The Voon Sports App offers a wide variety of drills to choose from, depending on individual needs.

Once you've selected the drill, the app will initiate a countdown to start the exercise. When the countdown ends, the drill begins, and everything is in operation. After completing the drill, you can view the results in the app to assess the player's performance.

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