Goalkeeper training at Getafe CF's Training Ground with Voon Football Pro


Recently, we had the opportunity to visit Getafe CF's training ground, where we conducted a series of exercises with our Voon Football Pro rebounders for our app. Accompanied by Juanjo Roa, the first team’s goalkeeping coach, we worked intensively to enhance the individual technique and cognitive capacity of one of their goalkeepers.

Technical and Cognitive Improvement

Modern football demands that goalkeepers are not only good at stopping shots but also have excellent footwork. During the session, we focused on improving the goalkeeper's individual technique with his feet, a crucial aspect in today's game.

Additionally, we used our rebounders to measure and boost the goalkeeper’s cognitive capacity. This is vital for making quick and effective decisions during the game, something that can make a significant difference in critical match situations.

Key Advantages of Voon Football Pro

Optimisation of Training:

One of the key advantages highlighted by Juanjo Roa is the optimisation of training. Thanks to our rebounders, it is no longer necessary to have six additional players to create constant stimuli. The Voon Football Pro rebounders generate these stimuli, significantly improving the efficiency of the training sessions.

Realism in Play:

Another highlighted advantage is the realism our rebounders bring to the training. They can simulate real match situations and perform specific goalkeeping drills, allowing goalkeepers to better prepare for the challenges they will face on the pitch.

We would like to express our gratitude to Juanjo Roa and Getafe CF for the warm reception and the opportunity to work together. Such collaborations allow us to continue innovating and improving our technological solutions for football training.

At Voon Sports, we are committed to taking training technology to the next level, helping players and coaches reach their full potential.

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