6 Advantages of the Voon Sports APP for coaches


To utilize the Voon Football Pro smart rebounders, it is necessary to have the Voon Sports APP. The application is the cornerstone for the proper use of the rebounders, providing several options for use.

In this article, we will elucidate the advantages of the app for coaches, enabling them to maximize training with Voon Football Pro rebounders.


An Application Tailored for Coaches

The application is straightforward and user-friendly. From logging in to launching a drill, it takes less than 10 seconds. Once initiated, it provides a visual interface where exercises can be easily accessed from the main screen or added to favorites.

The app is divided into different sections within the "Playground" (For You, Exercises, and Favorites), located at the top of the screen, facilitating quick navigation. Additionally, new features and exercises are prominently displayed on the main screen, enabling trainers to stay informed and explore new functionalities swiftly.


Available in Two Languages: English and Spanish

An added advantage is that the application is available in both English and Spanish, allowing coaches to operate it in their preferred language, considering that English and Spanish are two of the most widely spoken languages globally. This ensures comfort and ease of use during training sessions, with descriptions and exercises readily accessible.


Over 50 Exercises: Individual and Group Workouts

The app offers a wide array of exercises suitable for varying numbers of players, simplifying training session planning based on player availability. Coaches can save favorite exercises tailored to the number of players they intend to train.

With its diverse exercise catalog, the application enables coaches to seamlessly integrate Voon Football Pro rebounders into their training sessions, accommodating anywhere from 1 to 8 players. Whether coaching a team, academy, or individual, suitable exercises are readily available.

Swift Operation: Commence Training in 10 Seconds

The coach-centric design ensures swift training initiation. After explaining the exercise, coaches can quickly select and launch exercises through the app, streamlining the training rhythm. Minimal time is wasted between exercises, as players can promptly begin upon activation. If repositioning of rebounders is necessary, it can be done swiftly to facilitate the next exercise.

Effortless Player Communication: Video-Based Instructions

A significant time-saving aspect of training is the explanation of exercises. With the application, coaches can directly showcase exercise demonstration videos to players, minimizing the time spent explaining and ensuring quick comprehension.


Performance Analysis with Voon Sports App

Another notable advantage of the app is its capability to monitor individual player performance. Coaches receive instant feedback within the app, measuring key performance parameters such as reaction speed, execution speed, stroke count, total time, etc.

These analyses enable coaches to track player improvement over time and compare individual performances. Furthermore, players can be benchmarked against each other, fostering healthy competition and progress.

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