12 Reasons to Buy the Voon Football Pro: Your Best Ally as a Smart Rebounder in Football


The world of football is undergoing a technological revolution, and the Voon Football Pro stands out as an innovative tool that not only benefits players, but also becomes the perfect ally for coaches and teams. In this article, we'll explore 12 reasons why you should consider investing in this revolutionary football rebounder.

1. Improved Passing and First Touch

The Voon Football Pro isn't just a rebounder like you've known before; it's a tool designed to improve key skills like passing and first touch. With its great rebound and Dot technology, every touch becomes an opportunity to perfect these fundamental skills.

2. 360 Degree Vision for an Integrated Experience

In football, perception is fundamental, generating advantages in all parts of the pitch. Thanks to its integrated technology, the Voon Football Pro offers different drills that, through the audio and sound signals, you can work on 360-degree vision. This allows players to perceive their opponents and teammates before receiving the ball, which is fundamental for improving performance on the pitch.

3. Optimised Teamwork and Communication

The Voon Football Pro is not only a device for training individual skills, but also promotes teamwork and communication between footballers. Its ability to simulate real game situations encourages coordination and understanding between team members.

4. Unmatched Portability

Weighing only 15 kilos, the Voon Football Pro is incredibly portable. Coaches can easily take it anywhere, ensuring effective training sessions on football fields and training facilities alike.

5. Intuitive App and Quick Start

The Voon app is easy to use. With an intuitive design and quick start-up, coaches can begin training sessions in as little as 10 seconds, maximising time spent on skill development.


6. All Dot Voon Technology for Accurate Analysis

Dot's Voon technology built into the Voon Football Pro not only records data, but provides accurate analysis of every shot. Coaches can leverage this data to evaluate player performance and tailor specific training strategies. You can measure reaction speed, execution speed, number of hits or points per drill.

7. Bluetooth Connection for Quick Access to Video Drills

The Voon Football Pro's Bluetooth connectivity allows coaches to quickly access a wide range of video drills. Over 50 football drills are available for viewing, making it easy to plan varied and effective training sessions. Watch the video, analyse the drill and launch - it's that easy.

8. Customisation of Finish Mode and Reaction Lights mode

Coaches have full control over the training experience with the ability to customise the finishing mode by hit or by time. In addition, the choice of colours and light signals improves visibility in various conditions, adapting to the specific needs of the team. So as well as being able to choose which colour the rebounder lights up in, you can also choose whether it lights up steady or flashing.


9. Stability on Various Surfaces

Equipped with saw-tooth designed leg, the Voon Football Pro guarantees extra grip on surfaces such as natural grass, or artificial grass. This unique feature prevents the rebounder from moving during training sessions, ensuring stability and safety.

10. Real-Time Tracking and Friendly Competitions

Coaches can take advantage of Voon Football Pro's ability to provide real-time data. Organising friendly competitions between players or tracking individual progress becomes easy, creating a competitive and motivating training environment. In this way, team spirit is generated and training becomes much more fun.

11. Constant Evolution with Software Updates

The Voon Football Pro rebounder benefits from regular software updates. This ensures that coaches have access to the latest features and improvements, keeping the tool relevant and effective over time. This way work is always being done to improve the device and all coaches have the most up to date version at all times.

12. Evaluation and Development Tool for Coaches

Finally, Voon Football Pro presents itself as an invaluable tool for coaches. It allows for the accurate assessment of player performance and the development of personalised training strategies, giving coaches a competitive edge in continuous team improvement.

Conclusion: The Voon Football Pro - A Revolutionary Boost for Coaches

In short, the Voon Football Pro goes beyond simply being a football rebounder. It is a comprehensive tool designed to boost individual and collective player performance. Coaches can take advantage of its advanced features to create dynamic and effective training sessions. Investing in Voon Football Pro is investing in the constant evolution of the game and the long-term success of your team and players.